Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reader relpy, 'She asks about me'

Dear Suhail,
Its me again. Nervous but Attracted. It gets slightly more complicated, Suhail, so lets see what you think. On wed night we made a tentative plan to meet Thursday and she no shows.   I sent her a Happy Friday text with no reply.  After the weekend, I was having a drink.  I find out the girl has been in asking a few questions about me to one of the bartenders. Such as have I ever been married? Have I been in that night or earlier that week? etc. 

The girl and I spoke yesterday during a drink, and she's telling me she likes me too.  I suggest a real date.  She says, it's a busy time now, what with the holidays and family in town and shopping etc.  We talk about how we both had some unkind love affairs in the past and how we just want to get to know each other before it gets physical.

So I'm thinking, she's interested curious enough to be asking mutual friends about me.  I'm thinking shes into me, but she's scared,confused?

Attracted, but Nervous

She may be, but that's not the point. Just because she's curious about you doesn't mean she wants you.  People are curious about a lot of things.  You heard she was asking mutual friends about you?  If she wants intimacy, she'll ask you those things to your face. She's got your number. She turned you down for a date because she's busy.   Your texts go unanswered. She asks others about you.  She has chosen "chase me" over the option of a real date. No big deal.  You are both better off being bar pals.
It sounds like you are looking for intimacy, not just a lay.  That kind of dating is based on meeting someone that is personally inspired to spend time with you.  A person you should date for a relationship is someone that wants to make time for you.  Move on to the next one, Attracted.  She's out there.  You're sure to find her.

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